Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Hotrod Henry contains 4 musicians who wanted to form a band that was willing to do something different in the Rock n Roll scene.  The band brings its bombastic and explosive supercharged style, adding to it its own driven attitude,  playing not only some of the best known cover songs but also material that not many dare to play.  From Bad Company, Buckcherry, and old skool KISS and pulling out all the stops with the likes of Clutch, Drop Kick Murphys, Trouble, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, while adding the bands own signature sound.  The band consists of Chris (Guitars), Jay (Vocals and Guitars), Gordon (Drums) and Tom (Bass and Vocals). All four members of HRH have spent time on the MD, VA, WV, PA, and DE club circuit in other bands over the years and also have spent considerable time opening for National acts such as Pat Travers, WASP, Great White, Funny Money, as well as Ronnie 10/10 Younkins, Firehouse,  KIX and more.  Hotrod Henry loves performing every song they play and with no filler material it’s guaranteed to please….if you like your Rock n Roll…Loud….Supercharged….and Driven….we think you’ll enjoy Hotrod Henry.